Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Product Test - The Really Great Food Company

The Really Great Food Company is based out of St. James, NY which is close to home, here on Long Island. Since 1991, The Really Great Food Company has produced the highest quality baking mixes for people with special dietary needs,including gluten free, wheat free, soy free, dairy free and casein free baking mixes.

We recently got to try two of their products which came with a catalog of all they carry for future orders. They are also available online and you can click their banner at the bottom of this post to view their site. 

The first product we tried was The Really Great Food Company Classic Pancake Mix. 

The directions were easy to follow, and there is even the option of using soy or rice milk in the mixture to keep it gluten free. We have tried other brands of Gluten Free Pancake mixes, but the was the best so far. The pancakes were fluffy and golden brown, and absolutely delicious. In the "sneak" test on the children, they had no Idea it was Gluten Free. 

The next product we tried was The Really Great Food Company Brownie Mix. Like the pancakes, the finished product did not disappoint at all! The brownies were perfectly moist and and were gone in a flash as soon as everybody got a taste. 

We would definitely recommend  The Really Great Food Company for all of your Gluten Free needs, and their online ordering makes it easy to enjoy many  different gluten free products that may not be found in your neighborhood grocery store. 

The Really Great Food Company

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