Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Successful G Free Week!!

Another week has passed and we are still enjoying our gluten free lifestyle. Many of my Gluten intolerance symptoms have disappeared and I'm feeling alot more energy. In contrast, my daughter has seen no changes. What is the difference you ask?? It's very simple! She just has not grasped the change as Liz and I have, but she will get there. Some of the products we have enjoyed this week is Udi's Bagels and Breads, King Arthur Gluten Free Flour, Homemade Quinoa, Sam Mills Corn Pasta and of course many different produces that we have previously never eaten, such as broccoli rabe, and kale. There were a few negatives such as Gluten free Bisquick, and Gillians English Muffins. The texture and taste of both of these products were far from impressive. We made a successful batch of soft pretzels that were gluten free, and stuffed peppers that were made with quinoa. We are learning as we go, and having alot of fun along the way. We Will continue to post recipes as we go.
Thanks for sticking with us!!

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  1. OK Steve was kind!!! The muffins were disgusting, I have been waiting for that moment of utter disgust when I put a GFree item in my mouth. Well I got it this am with that muffin. I am NOT complaining because I truly believed that moment would have come ALOT earlier than a few weeks in. With that said Udis bread was perfect for toast with my scrambled 1 whole egg and 1 egg white and 1 Jones Sausage.
    Last nights dinner was AMAZING. Steve came up with it in his head while shopping for veggies at Meat Farms. Broccoli Rabe and Sausage in a Red Sauce over GFree Pasta, well let me tell you this man has figured out the meaning of the word YUMMY!!! Surprising that the Corn Pasta was GFree and good. Someone suggested Cannelli Beans and I am ALL for that, maybe switch the pasta to Beans. Will Steve try it is the ??? He is not a fan of beans whole, grind them up and he will eat them. Baby steps day by day! :)