Monday, March 26, 2012

The Ease of Converting Your Kitchen to G Free!!

By Steve Davis
A G-Free Kitchen Has To Start Somewhere!
(The Jif in this photo is NOT G-Free)

Starting a gluten free diet can be a very scary proposition. It does not have to be. We found that many of the foods in our home were already gluten free. Through sites like , you can search many of the items already in your pantry, to see if they are if fact gluten free. If they are not on this list, it doesn't mean they do contain gluten. Try contacting the food manufacturer, and inquire about whether they are safe for a G free lifestyle or perform a simple Google or Bing search.

Next, separate your pantry's inventory into Gluten Containing and Gluten Free Products. Any wheat or wheat containing products are a no no. Some product may contain wheat as a thickener. Alot of gluten free products are labeled as such, as are products that do contain wheat.

 Next you want to thoroughly clean all your "new" G Free cabinets to avoid cross contamination. Then choose containers that will store your bulk items. I went to the Dollar Store and spent less that $20.00!! I say bulk items because if you buy your rices, starches, and herbs in bulk from a health food store or specialty market such as Whole Foods, it will be alot less expensive than pre-packaged. Purchase items like rice flours, corn flours, bean flours, rices, rice noodles, nuts and spices. Store them all in an air tight container. Hint: if you have trouble finding some bean flours, buy them dry and grind them yourself super fine in a cleaned coffee burr grinder or KitchenAid grain mill.

 Now restock your cabinets with the gluten free ingredients. Keep all of your gluten free and gluten rich foods completely separate. We were very surprised to discover how easy it was to switch to gluten free. Don't forget to separate your refrigerated items as well. We have not consumed any glutenous foods at home in over a month, and we are expanding our food choices with every shopping trip and we are Loving It!!! It CAN be done very easily and Without breaking the bank!!!

Many books will walk you through step by step. We obtained most of our tips from Deliciously G-Free, By Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I strongly recommend this book.

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  1. My favorite is, just ask is Jasmine Rice gluten free? Works great. It really amazing how easy it was to convert the kitchen.