Saturday, March 17, 2012

Welcome To Our Blog

We are new to this so please bear with us!! We decided to go Gluten Free after I attended a taping of The Revolution, that featured Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her experiences with Celiacs Disease. I'm not saying I have Celiacs, however I have experienced many of the symptoms of the disease for years, and so has my Daughter. My wife Liz has Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and I have heard many times, that a Gluten Free Diet may benefit some MS Sufferers. So we, as a couple decided to "Try" it on February 22, 2012. I quoted "Try" because we have, in fact gone almost 100% G Free since we started. To our surprise, we have actually Enjoyed every morsel of what we have made and eaten. Through our experience making Amazing dishes, and the vast resource of the Internet, we feel we are both well on our way to a healthier lifestyle. We will post our experiences along the way, as well as the recipes as we find success with them. We will also share valuable resources as we come across them, so that everybody else who is interested, can share in our successes!!! Thanks for your patience as I get this blog up and running!!



  1. I was VERY not ready to do GFree for myself but when Steve described what he had learned from Elisabeth Hasselbeck I was willing to try. Was I WRONG, GFree is so totally amazing, we have discovered lots of new ways to cook and eat. There is so much natural yummy flavor. We tried Udi's bread and bagels, OMG so good. My new breakfast is 2 eggs(1 yolk) 1 Jones sausage and 1 slice of bread. Healthy, Yummy and Satisfying, can't beat that. It really is a wonderful change and I am so pleased we did this.

  2. Hi I came across your blog and love it. Funny thing is I went G-Free for Lent so I started the same day you all did. I was having a lot of pain, like something was stuck, when I ate bread. My doctor ran a few tests and I do not have Celiac but she encouraged me to try being Gluten Free. It's a little more difficult since my husband and son (age 3) are still eatting regular mainly since he is at day care and since there is no medical need it was easier to just let him eat. My husband has been a great supporter however. Since I don't have the disease I don't have to worry about it when my kid stuffs a cheerio in my mouth cause he is "sharing" but giving it up in general has made me feel so much better. I am learning how to be creative since most store bought items are WAY OVER PRICED so I love your blog and how to be resourceful. Thanks! Christine

  3. Hi Christine,

    We are new to the G Free Journey and decided to start this blog to help other people on this Journey along with us at the same time while we learn from others. Steve believes he could have Celiac's but we don't have medical benefits so I said lets just try G Free for a few days and see what happens. Within 48 hours he was feeling better with the "standard" symptoms disappearing.

    Watch some of the videos this G Free world is easy to adjust too. Good Luck to you and keep in touch with your progress and any great resourceful tricks you come up with.

    Thanks, Liz :)