Saturday, April 14, 2012

2 Months Gluten Free Approaches

We are coming upon our 2 month mark on Gluten Free! We didn't start out on this path as a way to lose weight, but to relieve symptoms I have been having due to my "Gluten Intolerance" and because I heard it would help relieve some of the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, which my wife suffers from in it's secondary progressive form. I still do not know if what i am experiencing is Celiacs Disease, and I am not going to get into the details of what Celiac sufferers go through. let's just say many of the symptoms are digestive in nature. I admit that I have diagnosed myself as at least gluten intolerant. This week Miley Cyrus came under fire for "putting herself" on a gluten free diet, with dietitians stating that it is dangerous to put yourself on without the aid of a Dr. I strongly disagree with these statements. Any diet you go on, whether with the aid of a physician or not, is all about making good choices and positive changes in your life. I did not make this change for weight loss. Neither did my wife. However, we have both seen nothing but positive results in the way we both feel. I for one, feel that due to the fact that I have eliminated Gluten completely, the healthier foods that I am intaking are providing me with the nutrients that were "being flushed" due to my body not properly digesting and processing my meals. I'm able to sleep better at night, and have more energy during the day. My wife has gained a lot more energy during the day, eliminating daily naps, and on the other side of the spectrum of symptoms, has stopped taking a daily pro-biotic, as what was much needed due to constipation caused by her MS. Our pantry is also stocked a lot healthier, and we find ourselves reading labels more, which is benefiting the rest of the family by being more conscious in what they eat. And why the picture of the scale you ask?? I have lost 12 lbs since our change!! Imagine how much more I will lose as I step up my activity and visits to the gym!!

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  1. Steve & Liz,

    Check out this youtube video about Dr. Terry Wahls's on TED who was diagnosed with MS. She made a discovery about the foods she was eating and started to do some research....and has been able to drastically change the quality of her life. I found it fascinating. I also attended the GF conference in Chicago last week, and that is how I got hooked up with your blog....good luck to the both of you in your GF restart! Peggy Schatz, Cincinnati, Ohio