Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shopping for the G Free Lifestyle

I am working on our monthly shopping list and I am AMAZED at how many items I am NOT putting on the list anymore.  Yes we do a MAJOR shopping once a month.  Steve only has 2 hands and with me being home bound he can only do so much, so I write the lists for him and he goes shopping.  Turning to a G Free lifestyle has basically been easy and I am loving the fact that we are eating so much healthier and chemical/preservative free.  Using is making writing the lists so much easier for pantry items.  We use alot of Stock in a box, Kitchen Basics and Emerils All Natural are G Free.  1 click on that website and now I know, how cool is that.  

With Spring in air, I am starting to plan my container garden.  I would LOVE suggestions from people on what they grow in their gardens maybe I can do it in a container.  Veggies/Herbs are critical to maintain a YUMMY G Free diet.  I do container gardens because its easier for me to maintain and not that many weeds ( I HATE weeding).

So everyone give me a shout out on some of your secrets on how you shop the G Free Lifestyle and/or garden ideas.  Look forward to hearing from peeps....

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